Eutopia - The Trailer

With the official bookstore release of Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism just a week off, we figured it was high time to unleash this on the world. Eutopia: A Novel of Terrible Optimism, the Trailer. Karen Fernandez and I shot this past summer, and Karen put it all together, in hopes - optimistic hopes, if that's not redundant - that book trailers actually work at getting readers to buy books.

We'll see how it goes. There's some fine, terrifying music - by Jon and Al Kaplan, the composers of Silence - The Musical and other morsels - and a good dose of backwoods evil.  Go have a look.

The trailer's also embedded in the brand new Eutopia section of The Devil's Exercise Yard, right here. Go there, and you can see all the reviews that have emerged so far, some Lawrence Nickle illustrations that are otherwise only in the limited edition hardcover, and a sample chapter.

And as long as you're clicking through, check out this review from Paul Goat Allen at Barnes and Noble's community blog. He writes, among other things in a very kind review:

"Nickle’s debut novel Eutopia – an entrancing amalgam of historical thriller, dark fantasy and weird fiction – is an utterly creepy, bladder-loosening, storytelling tour de force."