Ought-Nine and counting...

... among other things, counting the days until we will no longer have to use the word Ought to describe the current decade. Then it's the teens, I guess.

But that's all a matter of amateur speculation for now. In the meantime, there's business for fanciers of professional speculation: the 2009 Aurora Award nominations are open. The Auroras are the Canadian version of the Hugo Award - honouring works of Canadian speculative fiction and various other specfic doings that are chosen by fans. And writers. And friends of writers. And sometimes their mothers.

The online form is here. It is customary on author's blogs, to pimp their own works published in the past year. I will do that, but later.

First, here are some works that have found favour in the Yard this year - not all of which have made it onto the eligibility database here , but all of which should meet the eligibility requirements.

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