Jonathan Coulton and Our Night Out

So yeah - Jonathan Coulton, Superstar of the American Internet, came up to see the Canadian Internet last night. And the Canadian Internet saw him back.

At least we did: we being me, my partner Karen Fernandez, and Peter Watts and Laurie Channer. Karen, who knows her way around a Canon Powershot like no other, shot some video. Which is right here.

It's okay, though; no need to call Jim Prentice.

Coulton does the Creative Commons thing, just like me here, which means doing things like video-recording live concerts and posting them to YouTube does not, even theoretically, subject anyone to a maximum $20,000 settlement.

Putting up the absolutely show-stopping encore cover that he and henchmen Paul and Storm did of Sweet Caroline, immediately flowing from their encore rendition of First of May - that's something else entirely. So you won't get to see Sweet Caroline on this blog. Not until you write to Canadian Federal Industry Minister Jim Prentice, and tell him in no uncertain terms to scrap Bill C-61, you won't.

But enough about politics. Coulton and henchmen Paul and Storm put on one hell of a show at the Lula Lounge July 9. They should come back every Wednesday.

Check out the video. It's Re Your Brains, and it comes right before First of May and that other song you'll never get to hear.

* * *

Update, July 11: But you will get to hear this song, "I Crush Everything," about giant squid and despair -- which goes well with my upcoming deep-sea action novella "Wylde's Kingdom" in Tesseracts Twelve (a project I haven't plugged for a couple entries, I notice):

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