Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More 'Geister news

A bit late to the game on this. But The Toronto Star published a short review of The 'Geisters in Alex Good's SF column a week or so ago. You can look at it right here. He writes in part:

"Few writers do psychosexual horror as well as Toronto’s David Nickle, and with The ’Geisters he’s back with another tale of voluptuous terror and the supernatural. In a highly original thriller that takes plenty of unexpected turns, Anne LeSage is a young woman with a personal demon that makes her the target of a kinky secret society of thrill-seeking ghost-humpers."
More recently, we were able to get me a spot on the Hugo-winning blog SF Signal, where I wrote a longish piece surveying feminist horror fiction written by men. It's under the amusing headline, David Nickle Looks at Feminism in Horror, which as twitter pointed out, can be taken a couple of ways. I called the piece Rosemary's Daughters.

Here's a bit of it:

"Rosemary’s daughters are a different breed. It would be wrong to call them properly feminist — because they’re not really stories informed by the core experience of their authors. Rather, they’re stories written by male novelists, using the tools they’ve got to understand, as best they can, the experience of their sisters and wives and daughters."
And here's the link. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The National Post weighs in on The 'Geisters

The 'Geisters was on the receiving end of a really kind--and dare I say smart--review in the National Post this weekend. Natalie Zina Waschots was by her own account quite terrified reading the book, writing among other things: "There is not a moment, until the final, world-crashing reveal, that is spared from a sense of creeping dread."

To see some of those other things she wrote, have a look here.

* * *
Update: Since posting this, the National Post has gone the way of a pay wall. Good thing the review got syndicated all across the country. At this writing, it's shown up in Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Windsor... and in the Regina Leader Post, one of the few who didn't edit all the good parts out. Here's a link, paywall-free. 

Natalie, meanwhile, has compiled all the links for all the iterations over at her blog. Right here.