The Party


There is going to be a book launch--and what a book launch--for The 'Geisters coming up soon. I have details.

First things first, though: this launch is not just for The 'Geisters. ChiZine Publications is launching their summer blockbusters. Which means fellow CZP authors Peter Darbyshire (aka Peter Roman) will be there launching The Mona Lisa Sacrifice, and Joey Comeau will be launching The Summer Is Ended And We Are Not Yet Saved. It is going to be intense, Yard-Apes. Do come.

Here are the details. It's Wednesday, June 26 at No One Writes to the Colonel, 460 College St., Toronto, Ontario.

(And as an added bonus, I should have mentioned, the incomparable Kari Maaren will be on hand to perform a little poltergeist music.)