The 'Geisters - by Kari Maaren

So as some of you may know, there's a new book coming out: The 'Geisters, my third novel with ChiZine Publications, and first novel about poltergeists and the men who have an unwholesome interest in same. Also, about wine. And Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. The book is coming out in June (on June 18, to be precise) and there'll be a lot more to say about it in the coming weeks. Today, however, is all about Kari Maaren. Who is a genius singer-songwriter-ukelele artist, and a dear friend, and also, the composer and performer of this: a theme song for The 'Geisters, commissioned by me, performed by her, and filmed/recorded by Carlos Parra and Devin Melanson. You can watch it and listen to it now.
It should be obvious to anyone who knows me that I got the idea from John Scalzi, who last year engaged NYC troubadour Jonathan Coulton to write and perform a theme song for his, ah, modestly successful novel Redshirts. He, like me, is a big fan of Coulton's clever, funny and poignant songs about zombies and office drones and bigfoot, and Coulton did him right.

I became a fan of Kari Maaren through repeated exposure to her musical stylings at the Chiseries reading evenings in Toronto, where she would provide interstitial musical numbers to offset the drone of we authors. I expect that a great many people will become big fans of Kari Maaren's own clever, funny and poignant songs in the next while. She's got an album out--Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off--which you can preview and purchase for a modest sum over at her page on Bandcamp. And if The 'Geisters theme catches your fancy, you can pick up a high quality digital track for your device-of-choice by clicking  right on this link here.

She has more videos too, on her youtube channel.

Oh yes, and if after all that you're still interested in the book... the friendly fiends at ChiZine Publications are happily taking pre-orders right here.

In a few days, I might just put up an opening chapter or so, to whet your appetites. But first: More Maaren. Specifically, the song that convinced me she was the right maniac for the job:

"I'll Still Love You When I'm Gone"