No fooling this time...

April Fool's Day having long passed, here's some real, amazing news that's come my way. Rasputin's Bastards, my very long book about psychic spies during and just after the Cold War, is being picked up by Panini (France) for a French-language translation.

This is baby's first translation deal, and I think it's a big deal. Panini does a lot of graphic novel work (among others, they publish French language translations of Marvel Comics), and now they're getting into sf/f novels. Rasputin's Bastards is 186,000 words long, and it's going to be a big job for some poor translator. I am thrilled to see it (if not to read it; I am, ashamedly, uni-lingual).

Thanks to Ron Eckel at the Cooke Agency, who handled the sale on behalf of ChiZine Publications. And also, to the editors at Panini (France) for taking an interest in the book.