A show of affection from the Black Quill ..

I just found out yesterderday that Monstrous Affections is on the ballot for the 2009 Black Quill Awards. It is up for a prize in the category of Best Dark Genre Fiction Collection, alongside collections from Dennis Cooper, Robert Dunbar, Tom Cardamone and James Currier.

This award, sponsored by Dark Scribe Magazine, is a young one: it's only the third time out. In the necessarily recent past, it's honored folks like Sarah Langan and Joe Hill (and his dad Steve), John R. Little and Tim Lebbon. This year, it's cast its net to the work of Dan Simmons, Ellen Datlow, Brian Keene and others.

Bottom line: I'm well-stoked to see my name in shadows - particularly such shadows as these - on this list.

Which you can read for yourself, right here.

What an honour!