Monstrous Affections makes a 'long list' at Publisher's Weekly

I figured that periodical was done with Monstrous Affections, but apparently... not quite. Rose Fox, the author of Publisher's Weekly's Genreville blog (and PW's editor for science fiction, fantasy and horror reviews), has put out her Top Books of 2009 list for fantasy, science fiction and horror. And while Monstrous Affections didn't make the top five, it did make the top 10 - or as she refers to it, the long list. The list includes books by people like Robert Charles Wilson, China Mieville, Peter Straub and Ellen Datlow. You can read it here.

This follows on the heels of a very kind, starred review of the collection in Publisher's Weekly, which has had me over the moon ever since it showed up about a month ago. This one has me over... the other moon, that hangs in the first one's shadow.