Monstrous Affections goes digital...

There's a new edition of Monstrous Affections out, and this one utterly dispenses with that paper and glue and ink that have come to define all previous editions. This one's all digital, from digital cover to digital cover, and suitable for reading on your i-phone, e-book reader and laptop computer. Dedicated yard-apes may have already read some of the stories here, at The Devil's Exercise Yard's Monstrous Affections sampler page. But there are only a few stories from the collection there.

The whole shebang is available for instant download here, at the wallet-friendly price of $5.95.

It should go without saying that the $20 paper-and-glue-and-ink editions are still available in bookstores in Canada, and on Amazon everywhere else. And there's still a launch happening November 14, and books are available there too -- and if you only bring your digital copy, you can pretty much forget about getting me to sign it.

But still. Digital. $5.95.