Go Lyons!

I actually do not know if William Lyon MacKenzie C.I. has a team called the Lyons. But I do know that the North York collegiate has a weblog called The Lyon. I spent some time on it this morning, reading and reflecting on how much more intelligent and insightful todays teens are, as compared, say, to the crew of hunched-over, dodecahedron-rattling Morlocks that we were when we did basically the same thing with a school newspaper in Richmond Hill some... koff... seven or eight years ago.

Google Alerts sent me to The Lyon just now, because yesterday it posted Ksenia Gueletina's intelligent and insightful - and, not co-incidentally, quite positive - review of Monstrous Affections. You can go read it right here.

It is, I believe, MA's first blog review by a blogger who I do not know personally.

So now, I must find me a suitable pull-quote. Maybe "David Nickle’s particular talent is a subtle integration of the terrifying and the supernatural into an otherwise ordinary setting, but not relying on the supernatural ele­ments of the story to provide the scare."

Yeah. That looks good.