Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Go Lyons!

I actually do not know if William Lyon MacKenzie C.I. has a team called the Lyons. But I do know that the North York collegiate has a weblog called The Lyon. I spent some time on it this morning, reading and reflecting on how much more intelligent and insightful todays teens are, as compared, say, to the crew of hunched-over, dodecahedron-rattling Morlocks that we were when we did basically the same thing with a school newspaper in Richmond Hill some... koff... seven or eight years ago.

Google Alerts sent me to The Lyon just now, because yesterday it posted Ksenia Gueletina's intelligent and insightful - and, not co-incidentally, quite positive - review of Monstrous Affections. You can go read it right here.

It is, I believe, MA's first blog review by a blogger who I do not know personally.

So now, I must find me a suitable pull-quote. Maybe "David Nickle’s particular talent is a subtle integration of the terrifying and the supernatural into an otherwise ordinary setting, but not relying on the supernatural ele­ments of the story to provide the scare."

Yeah. That looks good.

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The Lyon said...

Thanks, David!

We've actually been around for a while, 5 years, if I'm not mistaken, though we've only started this weblog recently, because people these days seem to refuse to read paper, or at least keep them.
So glad you could link to us, 'twas awesome to find out people actually read us outside of school (:

--Thanks and Cheers!
The Lyon