Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monstrous Merril Event

A little belated note to those of you in Toronto who either belong to or think you might like to join the Friends of the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy in Toronto, and also want to pick over the sad remains of ChiZine's stash of first-edition Monstrous Affections:

Come to the library's 2009 Christmas Cream Tea this Saturday December 5. It starts at 1:30 p.m. and goes until 4 p.m. And it's at the Merril Collection of course - at 239 College Street, at the very top of the Lillian H. Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library.

In addition to the scones and coffee and other snacks, this year there will be me, and Brett Savory, and Sandra Kasturi. We've been invited, you see, as guests. So there'll be a reading and a sale and lots of conversation, as we celebrate the looming solstice with the appropriate amount of festive dread (okay, that last bit wasn't from the official invitation).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am a sell-out...

Oh, what a misleading header that is, to lead into a report that Monstrous Affections has sold out its first print-run and is going into the second one now. That is what this post is about, though; just three months after the collection hit the bookstore/online retailer/book launch circuit, ChiZine tells me that the last of the books in the first print run are now spoken for. Fortunately for you Yard-Apes who've been slow with the debit-card, there'll be a second edition coming along briskly.

This is very good news: in fact it is the second bit of good news to come along today.

The first went online at The National Post's website this morning. It's a round-table interview by publishing writer Mark Medley, with me, fellow ChiZine author Robert Wiersema, and ChiZine honchos Brett Savory and Sandra Kasturi. We go on forever, it seems like, about Canadian horror and the buttery goodness of ChiZine publications, how Robert Wiersema drank himself into a publishing contract and why Pants Are For Company is not the title of my collection.

You can read it all here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Mohr Monster Gets Around...

Monstrous Affections has been getting face-time, as it were, at some pretty high-traffic spots lately. Just last night, I was reliably informed that io9, the sf/f/h news spot, featured a portion of the cover in this posting right here, about the success of independent sf publishers at the end of the publishing world.

And earlier in the week, the Yard's reliable friend boingboing used the Sloan Man's kissable mug to remind the world that all of ChiZine Publications' books are available as affordable, DRM free e-books.

All this has less to do with me and my deathless prose than it does with the devil's-work of boy genius Erik Mohr, who designed the truly deathless cover of Monstrous Affections and indeed has designed all the covers for ChiZine's books.

Erik really is an evil genius. As Tomb-R.O.A.C.H., one of the commenters at Io9, wrote:

"I would call this a post that starts with a image that makes you wanna run away. But the hashtag was too long."


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Big Fat Toronto Book Launch

People came by during the day, different people came by at night, and at the end of it, nobody could accuse ChiZine Publications, me, Robert J. Wiersema or Claude Lalumiere of failing to launch our books in Toronto on Saturday. I don't know about anybody else, but I had a fantastic time, reading and signing and hanging about.

Karen Fernandez, my partner in life and crime, shot some video of my reading from Monstrous Affections, and also took some pictures.

Here we are, Claude, me and Robert, sharing a moment of repose at our signing desk at Bakka-Phoenix Science Fiction Books in Toronto:

Here we are, signing at our signing desk:

Here's some video, in which after awhile I get around to reading "The Mayor Will Make A Brief Statement And Then Take Questions:"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monstrous Affections makes a 'long list' at Publisher's Weekly

I figured that periodical was done with Monstrous Affections, but apparently... not quite. Rose Fox, the author of Publisher's Weekly's Genreville blog (and PW's editor for science fiction, fantasy and horror reviews), has put out her Top Books of 2009 list for fantasy, science fiction and horror. And while Monstrous Affections didn't make the top five, it did make the top 10 - or as she refers to it, the long list. The list includes books by people like Robert Charles Wilson, China Mieville, Peter Straub and Ellen Datlow. You can read it here.

This follows on the heels of a very kind, starred review of the collection in Publisher's Weekly, which has had me over the moon ever since it showed up about a month ago. This one has me over... the other moon, that hangs in the first one's shadow.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Monstrous Affections goes digital...

There's a new edition of Monstrous Affections out, and this one utterly dispenses with that paper and glue and ink that have come to define all previous editions. This one's all digital, from digital cover to digital cover, and suitable for reading on your i-phone, e-book reader and laptop computer. Dedicated yard-apes may have already read some of the stories here, at The Devil's Exercise Yard's Monstrous Affections sampler page. But there are only a few stories from the collection there.

The whole shebang is available for instant download here, at the wallet-friendly price of $5.95.

It should go without saying that the $20 paper-and-glue-and-ink editions are still available in bookstores in Canada, and on Amazon everywhere else. And there's still a launch happening November 14, and books are available there too -- and if you only bring your digital copy, you can pretty much forget about getting me to sign it.

But still. Digital. $5.95.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Go Lyons!

I actually do not know if William Lyon MacKenzie C.I. has a team called the Lyons. But I do know that the North York collegiate has a weblog called The Lyon. I spent some time on it this morning, reading and reflecting on how much more intelligent and insightful todays teens are, as compared, say, to the crew of hunched-over, dodecahedron-rattling Morlocks that we were when we did basically the same thing with a school newspaper in Richmond Hill some... koff... seven or eight years ago.

Google Alerts sent me to The Lyon just now, because yesterday it posted Ksenia Gueletina's intelligent and insightful - and, not co-incidentally, quite positive - review of Monstrous Affections. You can go read it right here.

It is, I believe, MA's first blog review by a blogger who I do not know personally.

So now, I must find me a suitable pull-quote. Maybe "David Nickle’s particular talent is a subtle integration of the terrifying and the supernatural into an otherwise ordinary setting, but not relying on the supernatural ele­ments of the story to provide the scare."

Yeah. That looks good.