Hey! The Globe and Mail linked to the Yard!

And so the Yard returns the favour, and links back to the Globe!

John Barber, the Globe's publishing reporter, did a little piece on Monstrous Affections' good reception at Publisher's Weekly, and put it up on the Globe's In Other Words books blog. Apparently, this is John's first blog posting in his capacity as publishing reporter, so it is auspicious - and for the purpose, he has made use of the least-flattering picture of me available on the internet, and so it is doubly-auspicious.

Mostly, though, it is freaking cool. Google analytics tell me that there are a goodly number of Globe-heads coming over to see what the fuss is about. Hopefully, if we are very quiet, yard-apes, they will look around and like what they see, and buy many many copies of Monstrous Affections.

In the meantime, here is a more flattering picture of me. For next time.