Tesseracts Thirteen is in bookstores

Actually, it's been in bookstores for a little while unofficially. But now the first-ever terror-themed Tesseracts is officially out from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. Editors of Tesseracts Thirteen are Nancy Kilpatrick and David Morrell, and contributors include me among others.

There'll be a launch in Toronto September 12; we already spoke of that, one post back. We will do so again, closer to the date.

But bottom line: T13's a beautiful book. My contribution, "The Radejastians," is quite grim. It starts like this:

We three ate lunch outside in the springtime. There was a picnic table under a small tree, well out of sight of the loading docks, and it is there we met: Viktor and Ruman and I. We had all come from the old country, the same old country, and I suppose that marked us... not in the same way, but as the same, all the same.

And it ends up worse.