Monstrous Affections is now available...

Or to put it another way:


Just got back from a lunch-time trip to The World's Biggest Bookstore in Toronto. And I am mighty pleased to report that the story collection of which you've heard so much, Monstrous Affections, is on the shelf there. To be specific, four very-recently-signed-by-the-author copies are there, in the Science fiction/Fantasy section (apparently there is a cataloging issue that prevents it from being shelved in the Horror section, where it might do better). But no matter: Mortica, the bookseller looking after the department, got me to sign copies, and also the lone copy of The Claus Effect there. And we had a talk about vampire fiction and the relative virtues of Christmas and Halloween and just exactly how cool Erik Mohr's fantastic cover was.

Then she left me alone to snap this picture:

And this one here, of fellow CZP author Claude Lalumiere's debut collection Objects of Worship, over in the "L"s:

Addendum, September 23

After some not-too-obsessive-really noodling around on the Chapters-Indigo site, it appears as though the book is out in quite a few Chapters-Indigo stores in towns, cities and rural power centres across the country. Brett Savory, CZP's honcho, informs me that had I bothered to look, I would have found CZP titles like Robert Wiersema's novella The World More Full of Weeping and Daniel A. Rabuzzi's The Choir Boats at the WBB too. This is because CZP has signed up with the Literary Press Group, which has been pushing ChiZine titles to retailers across the land with fiendish deliberation, to no less dire an end than total world domination. Or failing that, solid market penetration...

And I believe I have erred in linking Morticia to Jessica's blog. But I still want to link to Jessica's blog on sf at the World's Biggest Bookstore. And so I do. Right here.