Bob and Dave and Claude's Flash-Flash Fiction Contest

Yes, you read that right. We're having a flash fiction contest, Bob Boyczuk and Claude Lalumière and me. It's part of an ongoing attempt to 1) find and promote new writers of extraordinarily short fiction and 2) get our ChiZine Publications collections of short fiction in front of said writers.

The rules of the contest are spelled out here, but here's the gist: We're looking for really short stories, and we'd like them to be less than 300 words. I myself have never written a story that short, and am not convinced it is even possible. My story The Mayor Will Make A Brief Statement and Then Take Questions is just under 500 words, and it barely makes any sense at all. But I am willing to be proven wrong, as long as the story actually comes in at less than 300 words (we're going to count) and shows up before November 30, 2009. The winner and second and third place entries see their stories published on the CZP website. The winner gets all our story collections: my Monstrous Affections; Claude's Objects of Worship; and Bob's Horror Stories and Other Horror Stories. Second and third place winners get to pick the one they think they'll like best.

So get writing, yard-apes. There's not much time between now and November 30.