Sunday, July 12, 2009

Polaris: the con that heals heels

There's no objective evidence at all, of course, that the 10K run I did this afternoon, after 10 months being down with a very nasty heel spur, had anything to do with the curative powers of Polaris, the media-centric sf convention I attended in Richmond Hill this weekend. And yet...


  • Coming up with the outline for a story about a physician/native American chief who battles aliens from other dimensions in 1950s America;
  • Getting set straight on my misgivings with the artistic choices of Zack Snider by a room at least half-full of people who thought The Watchmen was a pretty good movie;
  • Being taught the error of my ways in wondering why rich people would spend an extra $11 million to use the mind-wiped victims of Dollhouse when they could buy the services of the very best prostitute in the world for $10 million less;
  • Driving each and every attendee of the Edgar Allan Poe in Movies panel from the room before the 25-minute mark;
  • Learning that it's not correct to say that Sookie Stackhouse is necessarily dumb about vampires but merely naive (and that by the evidence of the very enthusiastic young fan in the front row, I am not the only one who thinks True Blood is a pretty fine television program);
  • And meeting up with cool folks like Gemma Files and Erik Buchanan and Douglas Smith and Michelle West and Julie Czerneda and Ursula Pflug and Michelle Rowen, and many, many others...
... I came home with a notably heel-spur free heel, tried a run, and did a good 10K around the portlands, laughing like a mountain man all the way.

There's no objective evidence, but I'll still credit Polaris and the very attentive and helpful crew of volunteers that brought the whole thing off.

Be heeled indeed.

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