Polaris 2009: My Schedule and Welcome To It

That's right - I'll be at Polaris this weekend. Polaris being the CRT-and-LCD-focussed media sf convention where we talk about television and the movies and a bit of the fiction. I have panels, and a reading, and a signing, in my home-town of Richmond Hill this time. It is at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel, at Highway 7 and Highway 404. And I have a pretty packed schedule (particularly Saturday evening).

Here's how it looks:

Friday 11 p.m. the Aurora Room

We Steal an Idea from Harlan Ellison

Description: Harlan Ellison wrote a story in which a professional writer tries to turn submitted ideas into awesome. It nearly drives him mad and only stopping an alien invasion keeps him from losing it. Anyway we're doing it with our professional panel to see if it drives them mad. I mean if it's fun/helpful.

Panelists: David Nickle, Erik Buchanan, Ursula Pflug, Timothy Carter

* * *

Saturday 2 p.m. the Dealer's Room

Me. Signing Claus Effects.

* * *

Saturday 5 p.m. the King City Room

Who Watches The Watchmen? We Do!

Description: Who watches the Watchmen? Now that you've actually seen the film, what do you think of the giant squid at the end?
Area: Comics, Film, Superheroes
Programming Team Member: Tessa Wojdylo
Panelists: Rob St. Martin, David Nickle (M), Jonathan Fine
Scheduled day/time: Saturday 5:00 PM

* * *

Saturday 6 p.m. in the Unionville Room

Me. Reading a story. I'm thinking "The Sloan Men."

* * *

Saturday 7 p.m. the Aurora Room


Description: "Dolls" can be anyone. Their personalities wiped clean, each doll is a clean slate. This leaves the doll the ability to have new personae imprinted on them once they're hired out. But once they return to the dollhouse, their minds are wiped and they return to a childlike state. What is the mystery shrouding the Dollhouse, and its shady ways?

Panelists: David Nickle, Douglas Smith, Justin Mohareb, Theresa Gesswein-Jusino, Samantha Daigneault

* * *

Saturday 8 p.m. the Gormley Room

Buried Alive! Poe In Pictures

Description: 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of horror master Edgar Allan Poe. Roger Corman directed several films based on the Poe's work, and it can be said that Poe would not be nearly the horror figure he is today without Vincent Price mugging his way through The Fall Of The House Of Usher and The Pit And The Pendulum, or old drunk Peter Lorre whooping it up in The Black Cat and The Raven. Celebrate Poe's birthday by reflecting on Corman's adaptations. Which were the most faithful, and which left you wondering... dude, where's my raven?

Panelists: Matthew LeDrew, David Nickle, Patrick MacDonald

* * *

Saturday 10 p.m. the Stoufville Room

True Blood

Description: God Hates Fangs. At least in the south, he does. Sooki discovers that fang bangers have all the fun, until everyone she knows starts to die on her. Join us for a general discussion of this fangtastic show. (And more puns on the word "fang").

Panelists: David Nickle, Michelle Rowen, Theresa Gesswein-Jusino, William Godfrey, Penny Lipman

* * *

Sunday 10 a.m. The President's Boardroom

Canadian Writers rock it harder than a hockey puck covered in maple syrup being eaten by the Queen

Description: Let's face it, Canada has great writers who are producing amazing books. What? You aren't sure? Then come to this panel and get your head re-threaded right and discover all that Canada has to offer, bookwise.

Panelists: Kate Story, Julie E. Czerneda, Ursula Pflug, David Nickle