Is it that time already?

Time does fly, when you're procrastinating about buying a limited edition of my story collection Monstrous Affections. Here we are, at about the end of July -- two months after the collector's hardcover went live at The Horror Mall. Soon, it will be live no longer, and the opportunity to purchase said hardcover will be gone. Forever.

Feeling the intense pressure yet? If you cannot stand it anymore, click here and order up a book. It'll show up later this year, signed by me, high-end cover-artist Erik Mohr and Michael Rowe, who wrote the introduction.

If it turns out you don't have the coin set aside for the $50 edition, though, don't despair. Soon you'll be able to pre-order a handsome trade paperback edition for under $20 from the same folks. Even sooner, if you're attending Worldcon in a week, you'll be able to pick up one of those trade paperbacks at the ChiZine launch (see the post immediately below).

It will have everything but the binding and the signatures. If you're curious about what 'everything' entails, by all means check out the sampler currently up at The Devil's Exercise Yard.