If I haven't been posting too much...

... it's only because I've spent the past month being the boy who can't wait for Jonathan Coulton to come to Toronto.

Well, last night he and squid-belly-barnacle opening band Paul and Storm (you hadda be there) came. First of two nights at the Lula Lounge, not quite a year after they came to the Lula lounge in 2008. This year there were two sold-out shows and not one, filled with the kind of crowd that waves glowing PDAs and not lighters in the air during power ballads, and knows how to stage-whisper like a pirate. The show was guaranteed to be different from last year's, because the net-savvy Mr. Coulton took requests via his Twitter account. Requests from the floor were less successful - he only got through a couple of bars of Stairway to Heaven. Betty and Me went better (courtesy Encubed).

But he and Paul and Storm did manage this uniquely affecting performance of Code Monkey, followed by a barely-apologetic performance of Curl (not, this time, videotaped by Karen, but by AntFarmSocial over at YouTube).

Right here.

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