Thursday, February 26, 2009

What gets uploaded...

... sometimes gets onto Pseudopod. Just found out this morning that the folks at Pseudopod, who last year did this excellent rendition of "The Sloan Men," want to do something similar with my story "The Inevitability of Earth" - a prime example, if I say so myself, of the select subgenre of gravity horror.

The story originally appeared in On Spec, and will be appearing in my collection Monstrous Affections (no longer Pants Are For Company), which will be available this summer from ChiZine Publications.

It all makes me want to sing. Like this guy here:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is this getting tiresome?

... the continued postings of new positive reviews of Tesseracts Twelve (in which I have a story), like this review here?


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sticky Wonder Tales, stuck right here...

Few posts back, you may recall me shouting-out Sticky Wonder Tales, a story by Hugh A.D. Spencer published some time ago and read by he and me on the internet more recently. Well, that reading's got some attention. Cory Doctorow boingboinged it earlier this week, and before that the Internet Archive posted it, along with a big wad of .html code so as to embed it on blogs. Which I have done. Right up at the top, there.

I also note that for those of you who haven't yet followed my very precise instructions and nominated for the Aurora Awards (or the Hugo Awards, for that matter) and were of a mind to, you could stick "Sticky Wonder Tales" on the list.