And Now For A Word From Our Publisher...

... and pals, Brett Savory and Sandra Kasturi at Chizine Press. We know the economy's in the pot and you're either afraid of being laid off or already laid off. You've blown all your money on that last, perfect Christmas where you can pretend nothing is wrong, and are starting to feel buyer's-remorse about that 60-inch LCD TV you bought for the cat. The zombies are at the door growling "Candy-gram" about as convincingly as a cheap seventies land-shark and the asteroid hurtling towards Earth is so close you can see its venom-tipped spikes on a clear night.

And yes, the clear nights are goddamn cold in January 2009.

We're in it together, yard-apes. Can't think of a better time to curl up with a good Tel Aviv Dossier. Chizine has made this press release to explain exactly why.


ChiZine Publications’ The Tel Aviv Dossier Available for Limited Time

TORONTO, Ontario (December 23, 2008)—ChiZine Publications has released its third title, The Tel Aviv Dossier, in a limited hardcover edition. Orders for these editions, which are available exclusively on the Horror Mall website, must be received by January 15, 2009.

All copies of the hardcovers will be signed by authors Lavie Tidhar and Nir Yaniv and cover artist Erik Mohr, who also designed the covers for previous ChiZine Publications books Filaria by Brent Hayward and Horror Story and Other Horror Stories by Robert Boyczuk.

Combining biblical allusions, Lovecraftian echoes and contemporary culture, The Tel Aviv Dossier is the story of the last days of Tel Aviv that merges a supernatural thriller with a meditation on the nature of belief. Yet underneath is all, humour is never absent.

The print run for this book will be limited to those orders received and all orders must be placed by January 15, 2009. The Tel Aviv Dossier can be ordered on the Horror Mall website at

Brett Alexander Savory, Publisher
ChiZine Publications

About ChiZine Publications
ChiZine Publications (CZP) is an independent, invite-only publisher of weird, subtle, surreal and disturbing dark fiction. It is the book-length, print version outgrowth of ChiZine, an online professional market in operation since 1997 focused on the same type of story material. Bram Stoker Award winners Brett Alexander Savory and Sandra Kasturi are CZP’s Publisher and Senior Editor, respectively. Erik Mohr serves as cover artist with publicity by Matthew Moore.

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