There was this book launch, see...

Yesterday (Saturday November 29, '08) at Bakka-Phoenix is when it happened, just as I predicted here, for Tesseracts Twelve. As promised, there were cookies, and books, and readings, and after that signings. Jill and Michael did not do a Sonny-and-Cher style duet, but no one seriously expected it.


Here are some pictures, courtesy of Karen Fernandez...

... of editor Claude Lalumière, extoling the virtues of Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing, the high quality of the slush pile, and the virtues of longer pieces of Canadian sf:

... of Brett Savory, who wrote the introduction to the book, extolling the virtues of Claude:

... of Michael Skeet and Jill Snider-Lum, reading from their story "Beneath the Skin":

... of E.L. Chen, reading from her story "The Story of the Woman and Her Dog":

... of Grace Seybold, in town for the weekend from Montreal, reading from her story, "Intersections":

... of me, hollering out the opening scene of my story "Wylde's Kingdom":

... and of Corwin Snider-Lum, reading somewhat more quietly from his own book, the title of which he didn't feel need to share:

Here's what the signings looked like:

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