Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rudy Rucker is a smart cookie...

I say this never having met the fellow. But he's got to have some smarts for pulling Tesseracts-Eleven, Cecil-Street-Irregulars pal-of-mine Madeline Ashby's story Fitting A New Suit out of the slush-pile and posting it on his E-Zine FLURB. This is Madeline's second fictional appearance (and the first one you get to read for free) and it's a goddamn fine story - all about agoraphobia and faux-environmentalism and a new suit. And free. So go look.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Keep your Pants on...

This is just a quick update on Pants Are For Company, for those of you who might have been setting your 2009 entertainment budget around an April release date for the collector's edition of the collection. May as well keep that money in the term note for awhile longer, because Pants is being pushed back a bit. Not a lot. But a bit. Now, it looks as though we're dealing with a July, 2009 release date, so ChiZine Publications can put a couple of novels between their latest release, Robert Boyczuk's story collection Horror Stories and Other Horror Stories, and my story collection.

This is actually a good thing, because it will also push the trade paperback release of the book to September, 2009, which is and always has been the publishing sweet spot on the calendar. And by then, we're sure to have worked out a better web advertising banner than this one: