Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good Help Is Hard To Find...

There's probably something redundant in linking to video I've seen on boingboing, and I'm probably doing it more than's good for me. But I can't seem to stop myself...

And neither, it seems, can this student/YouTube mogul/claymation maniac/plastecine gorehound takena. Here's another one:

In Which I Sell Out

For no money, really. So not really. But it's appearances that count.

To see what I mean, scroll down to the very bottom of the yard. Even further. Further. Okay, there.

See the two advertising banners? Those are new. They're meant to convince you to go buy a couple new books from ChiZine Publications - Brent Hayward's Filaria:

and Bob Boyczuk's Horror Story and Other Horror Stories:

Eventually, I too will have a banner on this blog and many others, urging you to go buy my collection, Pants Are For Company. It will in all likelihood not look like this:

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Return of Me

... and this time, not just from the regular kind of radio silence, either. Just spent a week at the Gibraltar Point Centre for the Arts at Hanlan's Point on the Toronto Islands, reading and critiquing and writing with a band of very fine writers from the U.S. and Canada. Gibraltar Point is one of several artists' residences in Toronto, operated by the Toronto-based non-profit organization Artscape. It's the only one of their residences I've spent any time at, but man, it's worth going back to. It's housed in an old school building, now converted into a sprawling collection of studios, meeting rooms and residences operated with genial efficiency by veteran Artscapers Ray Stedman and Lisa Cristinzo. Filled up with painters, photographers, sculptors, musicians, writers -- and, for a week each year, us.

Using the boot-camp Clarion method (write, read, critique - repeat), it's intensive and productive and a lot of fun.

This year, it was also a great relief.

See, that story collection coming out next year, which you might recall was going to be called Monstrous Affections... well, after some talk, we decided on another title.

A title, according to Sandra Kasturi, that more properly screamed DAVID NICKLE.

A title that really needed a story underneath it to anchor the whole collection.

A title that now, thanks to Gibraltar Point (and a week before it, a cabin at Lake Herridge, near Temagami, Ontario), I can confidently say has that story.

And so, in 2009, I invite you all to go out and buy my story collection:

Pants Are For Company.