The Pseudopod podcast is live...

... or to keep in the spirit of things, undead.

Couple posts back, I alerted all Yard-apes to a deal cut with Pseudopod, the excellent horror podcast, to do a reading of my story "The Sloan Men." Well it's out today, and you can listen to it here. I gave it a listen before heading out to see the Sex in the City movie, and I can recommend it. Not the movie - that is a victim for another blog posting - but the podcast.

Particularly given the very fine interpretation brought to it by reader Cunning Minx, who deserves (and gets) a full-on Yard shout-out for bringing the old story to such exquisite life. Or undeath.

(And as an addendum: a Yard shout-out to Cory Doctorow and Boingboing, for this link.)