One Old Novel = Finished? Not so fast...

There's been a couple of changes at the Devil's Exercise Yard, me pretties. Specifically, two new pages, hand-crafted to convince you to click on over to and buy yourself a copy of The Claus Effect, the best Santa Claus novel 'pon which Karl Schroeder and I have ever collaborated. There are reviews, a bigger picture of
the cover shown here on the right, and even a sample chapter.

We published The Claus Effect 10 years ago, to riotous critical acclaim and less riotous sales: meaning, there are one or two copies of the first print run kicking around. Karl, for those of you who don't read a lot of science fiction, has been doing awfully well with a run of cutting-edge, very cool science fiction novels like Sun of Suns, Ventus, Lady of Mazes and Permanence.

This, one might say, is where it all started.

So go look. Here's the link.

The Claus Effect